Selected Cluster and Grid Computing References

  • Mach14 cluster short description at CLA (Center for Laser Applications), part of the UTSI cluster grid.
  • Grid Computing - general information and web-references.
  • MPICH (Message Passing Interface Chameleon) Home Page for ANL/MSU MPI distribution.
  • MPICH2-1.0.6p1 files at UT Space Institute for the "mpich2" implementation of Oct 31, 2007, release.
  • Python Tutorial for use in "mpich2" programming, and see Python Webpage for "python2.3" information.
  • LAM (Local Area Multicomputer) Home Page for MPI/LAM reference, implementation and distribution.
  • MPICH-1.2.5 files information at UT Space Institute for "mpich" implementation of Jan 6, 2003, release.
  • MPI and MPE Manual Information at UT Space Institute for implementation 1.2.5 of Jan 6, 2003, release.
  • Condor Project Homepage for high throughput computing/scheduling on computational grids.
  • Condor Manual Information at UT Space Institute for stable release version 6.8.7 of Nov 30, 2007.
  • PBS (Portable Batch System) reference page for alternate submission of jobs to the Mach14 computer cluster.
  • TORC (Tennessee Oak Ridge Cluster Project) research projects including other references such as OSCAR.
  • VNC (Virtual Network Computing) reference page, and SSH (Secure Shell) for VNC tunneling notes.
  • SPRNG (Scalable Parallel Random Number Generators) documentation, references, how-to-use, and more.
  • Ernst Mach short biography; some UT Space Institute clusters are named after Ernst Mach, e.g., "Mach14" .

  • Mach14

    Figure: 32-processor Mach14 (left) and 16 processors Mach33 cluster (right) being connected to Gigabit fiber.